Terms & Conditions

Lets elaborate more about Terms & Conditions


This agreement including the RFBO’s application overleaf (Agreement) is fully completed and agreed / accepted by the applicant and sets out the terms & conditions between Give & Take Help Club and the RFBO’s. As Give & Take Help Club RFBO’s may on a non-exclusive basis purchase, resell, distribute and market Give & Take Help Club products entire globe or use them for personal consumption. In accordance to the terms & Conditions herein, the RFBO’s hereby submits its RFBO’s application and agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions all the times subject to which the RFBO’s acknowledges that it is being made RFBO’s of Give & Take Help Club.

1. If the RFBO’s is an individual he must be of minimum 18 years of age. If the RFBO’s is a proprietor/private/partnership firm the RFBO’s has to submit the copy of firm registration at the time of execution of this agreement.

2. The RFBO’s should submit copy of PAN along with this agreement failing which no payout will be released. The RFBO’s certifies that the Pan shown on the overleaf is his/its correct Pan number. The RFBO’s acknowledges and understands that his bank account number, bank name, ifsc code must be completely correct mentioned overleaf failing which Give & Take Help Club is not obliged to make any online transfer of payouts (Such Payout will be withheld by company till completion of pendencies and no interest will rely upon same)

3. The RFBO’s shall purchase Give & Take Help Club Products offered in multiple variant.  Any alteration or modification of the application will be subject to rejection. This agreement becomes effective from the date of acceptance by Give & Take Help Club. The date of acceptance of the agreement will be the date on which Give & Take Help Club send a welcome letter / mail to the RFBO’s.

4. The RFBO’s hereby confirms that he/she has entered in to this agreement as an independent contractor. Nothing in this agreement shall be establish an employment relationship, or any other lRFBOr relationship between RFBO’s and Give & Take Help Club, and nothing shall establish the RFBO’s position procurer, broker and commercial agent, contracting representative or other representative of Give & Take Help Club. When purchasing or selling products offered by Give & Take Help Club the RFBO’s will act as an vendor, acting in his/her own name, at his/her own responsibility and on behalf of his/her own account. The RFBO’s will solely liable to pay all the applicable central/state taxes, VAT, Service Tax, Income Tax, TDS at source & including all other taxes as applicable under law of India.

5. The RFBO’s agrees and acknowledges that the relation between Give & Take Help Club and the RFBO’s and his/her activities shall be governed in addition to this agreement by the Give & Take Help Club My Business plan and the polices and procedures of Give & Take Help Club which shall be deemed to be incorporated herein and he/she shall abide the terms & conditions of My business plan, policies and procedures of Give & Take Help Club at all the times. The RFBO’s understands and agrees that Give & Take Help Club may take modifications to the agreement, My Business plan, Policy & Procedures and/or the Price List, at its sole discretion and that all such changes shall binding upon the RFBO’s. All changes to this agreement, My Business plan, Policy & Procedures and/or the Price List shall become effective upon the earlier of, the same being reflected (1) on Give & Take Help Club website (2) in any information sent to the RFBO’s by Give & Take Help Club. The continuation may be the RFBO’s of the Give & Take Help Club business and RFBO’s acceptance of payout from Give & Take Help Club shall constitute a deemed acceptance of any and all amendments to the agreement, My Business plan, Policy & Procedures and/or the Price List.

6. The RFBO’s shall not induce/compel/mislead to any person with false promises/ statements to join Give & Take Help Club or to purchase products. The RFBO’s shall not sell any Give & Take Help Club products for a price exceeding the MRP mentioned on such products.

7. The RFBO’s may at his discretion terminate this agreement at any time by giving a written notice to Give & Take Help Club. Give & Take Help Club may at its absolute discretion immediately suspend/ terminate this agreement and thereby terminate the RFBO’s from doing the Give & Take Help Club Business. Upon termination of this agreement for whatsoever reason the RFBO’s acknowledges and agrees that he/her shall not (1) be the entitled to return any products that may be not in his possession nor claim a refund from Give & Take Help Club,  (2) Distribute or adversely influence, whether directly or indirectly, the existing process of Give & Take Help Club. Including but not limited to the other RFBO’s and consumers Give & Take Help Club in any manner whatsoever, (3) use the name of Give & Take Help Club or its subsidiaries or any Give & Take Help Club client/partner in any manner, (4) make any false claims against Give & Take Help Club or any its employee/representatives. If an RFBO’s is willing to rejoin he/she may readmitted by Give & Take Help Club after completion of a period of Three (3) Months from the date of termination of this agreement.

8. All payments must be made by a DD in favor of Give & Take Help Club.’ Payable at Chandigarh. Cash payments can only be accepted at the corporate office of Give & Take Help Club.

9. The payouts to the RFBO’s shall be as per Give & Take Help Club My Business Plan. The co-applicant acknowledges and agrees that Give & Take Help Club shall deal exclusively with the primary applicant in respect to all business matters and also pay the payouts and/or any other incentives to and in the name of the primary applicant. The login pin and the password issued to the RFBO’s for gathering the membership code cannot be replaced/exchanges under any circumstances. The RFBO’s shall strictly comply with the confidentiality obligation provided under the Polices & Procedures of Give & Take Help Club.

10. The RFBO’s agrees to indemnify and hold Give & Take Help Club harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs expanses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of his/her actions or conduct and that of its employees and agents which may have a direct or indirect adverse impact on Give & Take Help Club, its agent, personnel, employees, directors or any other person associated or connected with it. Give & Take Help Club shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by any breach, cancellation or suspension of this agreement, whether or not the possibility for such damages was known to Give & Take Help Club. The RFBO’s will have no claims against Give & Take Help Club, including that any compensation due and payable to it on the date of termination of this agreement which may be set off against any other dues payable by the RFBO’s to Give & Take Help Club. In no event shall Give & Take Help Club liability for damages, under this agreement exceed any amount received and realized by Give & Take Help Club from the RFBO’s.

11. All disputes and claims relating to Give & Take Help Club, this agreement, the polices & Procedures & My Business plan or its products and services, the right and obligation of Give & Take Help Club RFBO’s or any other claims or causes of action to the performances of either in this agreement or the business plan or Give & Take Help Club polices &Procedures shall be settled totally and finally by arbitration to be held in accordance with the arbitration and conciliation act, 1996. The venue of arbitration shall be Chandigarh and the proceedings shall be conducting in English. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties. Each party to the arbitration shall be responsive for its own cost and expenses of arbitration including legal and filing fees. This agreement to arbitrate shall survive any termination or expiration of this agreement, subject to arbitration as mentioned RFBOve, jurisdiction in respect of any and all disputes arising out of or in relation of this agreement the Business plan and/or the polices & Procedures of Give & Take Help Club shall vest exclusively in courts at Chandigarh only.

12. Give & Take Help Club shall not be responsible for delays and failures in performing its obligations due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

13. If any provision of this agreement as it currently exists or as may be amended is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, only the invalid provision will be served from this agreement; the remaining terms and provisions shall remain in full force and effect and shall be construed as if such invalid, illegal or enforceable provision never comprised part of this agreement. In the event of any conflict of the terms & conditions of this agreement and the terms & Conditions of the policies and procedures of Give & Take Help Club, to the extent only of such terms & Conditions, those of this agreement shall prevail over those of the policies and procedures of Give & Take Help Club.

The decision of company will be acceptable in all cases.

I hereby declare that I am resident of India; my age is more than 18 years as on date. I am Legally qualified to do any Business or Agreement or declaration in India. I have no criminal history. I also confirm that I know my sponsor and have full faith in him. My sponsor has explained me all the Details in vernacular and I have signed only after understanding all the term and conditions.